Build Log #14 - announcing InYouGo, moving further into AI, and thinking more about the personal holding company format

Over the past two years, the majority of my time spent building has been in private. Ever since Stairway, I've been experimenting and learning as widely as possible, to extend my experience before jumping into building anything new and long-term. But recently, I've decided to commit and narrow my focus into two projects, the first of which I announced this week, and the second which I'll be announcing/launching shortly.

Announcing InYouGo

I announced InYouGo this week, the first company in my personal holding company, focused on making event ticketing fairer for all stakeholders. The inspiration for this comes from what I've learned from the commercial side of theatre in London as an angel investor.

But my vision for InYouGo extends beyond just ticketing - we want to empower creators of live experiences, and creators in general, to produce the best work that they can.

I also wrote about building the InYouGo brand, and will be writing more 'behind-the-scenes' of the product and how I built it over the next few months.

What's upcoming?

The first priority for me is launching InYouGo - we've already had some great conversations with people actively hosting events - ranging from online conferences to community meet-ups and large-scale West End productions. We can wait to help people across the spectrum of event categories to better run their businesses using InYouGo.

I've also been working hard on building an AI assistant (the motivation for which I talk about here). The design work completes on the project at the end of next week, and shortly after we'll be opening the waitlist - I'll write more about it when we do.

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