Building the MVP - Build Log #3

Lots happened last week - but fortunately all positive! Building a personal holding company, naming a product and more!

Lots happened last week - but fortunately all positive! 😃

Laying the foundations for a personal holding company

As mentioned in my post last week, I’m leaning towards building a personal holding company as a means by which I build products and companies going forward. This is something I’ve been thinking loosely about since the beginning of the year, and the primary reason I decided to grow a consultancy business, as opposed to diving straight into building, or taking a full-time role. While this doesn’t provide me with the same level of capital as raising a round would, I’m now in a position where starting capital is no longer the constraint to getting something up and running.

Naming a new company

Over the past week, I’ve been considering what to call the project I’m currently working on. I’ve always thought that the name of a company is important; wanting a name that is memorable and yet not so prescriptive to the initial problem that the company is solving to limit future innovation. It feels harder to come up with a compelling name than years ago - so far, everything I’ve come up with is either already trademarked, or the domain is held by someone who is asking for a price beyond what I’m willing (or able!) to pay.

Building the MVP as a team of 1

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