YouTube Channel Update - July 2023

I've tried to get back into the habit of regularly posting on my YouTube channel over the past month. From the beginning of July, I've posted 9 videos (6 YouTube Shorts, and 3 long-form videos, while also subsequently removing one which I felt didn't align with the general themes of videos I was looking to focus on).

Here are my statistics for the past 28 days:

A few thoughts:

  • Consistency: Even though I've posted more regularly, you can see from the image above that the posting frequency is not consistent. Going forward, I'm going to aim to publish one long-form video every Saturday at 8am (though I might decide to change the time if I think it is not optimal)
  • Shorts vs. long-form: I've had no luck with the Shorts algorithm yet, but I also feel that I haven't particularly succeeded at creating engaging content for that length yet. I'm still intrigued to experiment with the format, to see if I can gain a deeper understanding of how it decides what to boost and what not to.
  • Retention and clickthrough rates: both of these metrics for me are very low at the moment. I'm hopeful that consistency over time will naturally lead to learnings, which will lead to improved metrics. I do feel that I'm currently learning something valuable from every upload

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