About Me

Hey! I'm Charles - a 24 year old, primarily based in London, UK.

I'm currently splitting my time across several areas:

  • Founding my next company: I'm building and experimenting with new ideas, which will ultimately become my next company.
  • Angel Investing: I've started more actively angel investing, focusing in particular on early-stage technology companies and West End Theatre productions (both big interest areas of mine, where I hope to be able to add value too!)
  • Learning: I love learning new things, and broadening my fields of knowledge. Areas that I've done deep dives on recently include web3 and artificial intelligence.
  • Product and Engineering Consulting: I am doing a very limited amount of consulting work, focused on helping early-stage companies with product and engineering challenges.

Feel free to reach out to me about anything at charles@charleswilliamson.io - I love to connect with new and interesting people!

You can also find me on Twitter - @CFJWilliamson


  • Founded and served as CEO of Stairway, where we built a digital personal tutor and community for STEM learners. We were acquired by Albert, to accelerate their growth to the UK and beyond.

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