This is a continuously updated page, where I share what I'm currently working on (inspired by Steve Schlafman's equivalent page, and many others who went before him)


  • Working on improving fitness through strength training
  • Improving my skills and self-awareness as a coach through a peer coaching programme
  • Getting back to a regular meditation practice


  • Establishing the foundations for my personal holding company, Positive Sum
    • Building and growing InYouGo
    • Building and launching Edgar
    • Working on 2+ more products (unannounced)
    • Expanding the work that I'm doing through my theatre production company, Positive Sum Productions
  • Writing more actively here, on my personal blog


  • Looking to understand the history of the world better, by reading more history books (will be sharing more notes on that soon)
  • Learning the theory behind artificial intelligence

Last updated: 15th February 2024