This is a continuously updated page, where I share what I'm currently working on (inspired by Steve Schlafman's equivalent page, and many others who went before him)


  • Taking health + fitness seriously for the first time
  • Improving my skills and self-awareness as a coach through a peer coaching programme


  • Building and iterating on my next company (launching in September)
  • Building and launching an AI product (launching in October, private beta in September)
  • Writing more actively here, on my personal blog
  • Launching and growing my YouTube channel
  • Launching an investment syndicate into West End and Broadway theatre (reach out if interested)
  • Putting together a proposal for a real-estate project
  • Exploring ways to support and develop creative output at scale


  • Reading
  • Trying to identify patterns of behaviour amongst top performers
  • Learning more about world history, and specifically how it relates to tangible actions to accelerate progress in the future

Last updated: 9th September 2023

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