Blank Canvases

Towards the end of last year, Stairway was acquired (I wrote more about it here). It was the first time I've had a full-time job, and it's the longest professional role that I've held in my life, having dropped out of university just before.

As 2022 began, it was the first time where I had unscheduled time, and I wasn't committed to anything. Throughout the early stages of life, you have a pre-determined path in front of you. After that, you progress through school, and many go to university. For some, this path continues as they join a grad programme and stay with the same company for their whole career.

People often get stuck in what they're doing. There is inertia preventing you from stopping - it's easier to continue with the familiar than step into uncertain and uncomfortable situations - but that's where growth occurs.

I'm personally excited by the opportunities of a blank canvas; I appreciate that it's a rare moment in my life where I can stop, survey the landscape and decide on the direction I'd like to move in next.

So what have I been doing for the past few weeks? I've been diving deep into topics that interest me and learning as much about them as I can; the challenge I'm finding is being excited and interested in too many areas, but I'm in the phase of going broad rather than narrowing down.

Some of the things I've been diving into in the past few weeks

3D and Gaming

3D was my gateway into coding and technology; I became interested in Blender (an open-source application for 3D graphics) when I was 13, which led me to learn Python and develop games using Unity.

I feel that we're at the beginning of a renaissance within 3D and gaming, which is much more inclusive of the gaming community.


Building Stairway over the past few years, I've been mostly oblivious to the developments in Crypto and web3. However, I've taken the time to learn more over the past weeks and will write more about it soon.

Organising information in the 21st century

There are two related areas that I've been exploring; organising one's personal knowledge (personal knowledge management) and how can we, at a societal level, better manage information, as we are overwhelmed by the amount of information we consume every day.

This coincides with finding that Google is getting worse and worse for me, and I'm not the only one who has been thinking so recently.

If you're working in any of these areas, reach out!

I'm also spending time on a few creative projects that I've never had time for in the past.

I'll be sharing more about my exploration of these topics in the coming weeks.

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