Experimenting with LLMs - launching Ed

I'm in the final stages of building the launch version of Edgar, my AI personal assistant. But I wanted to ship something tangible and get it in the hands of users as soon as possible.

At the same time, I'm increasingly seeing the most interesting part of the Edgar product to be the UX of the platform itself - generative UI that responds to the requirements of the user in real-time. It occurred to me that this holds true for both B2B (business) use cases, but equally well for B2C (consumer) use cases.

I decided to launch Ed, the first consumer brand under the Edgar umbrella. It leverages a lot of the tech that I've been developing for Edgar, but about 5% of the functionality

Ed is really an MVP at the moment, but I wanted to push myself to ship something, so put it together using the existing infrastructure in an afternoon and subtracting a lot of the Edgar functionality. Ed draws on the knowledge I gained in the EdTech sector from running Stairway (when we were looking to build a digital personal tutor, but didn't have the current state of LLMs and Artificial Intelligence available to us in doing so). I thought it would be fun to experiment with what a super early version of this might look like, and Ed is the end result

You can find Ed here:

Ed | Your AI personal tutor
Edgar is your AI personal assistant that helps you manage your tasks, meetings, and more.

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