What are fields of study that should exist but don't?

I asked this question to ChatGPT recently, and was surprised that I agreed completely with the answer.

I find this an interesting question because people look at the subjects on offer in school and at universities today, and assume that they are the limit of the disciplines that should be taught. Instead of looking out to the world and reflecting what skills and knowledge is most important and valued in the progression of society, education has tended to teaching topics because they've always been taught.

I find this question to be an interesting one because it instantly takes you to thinking about education from first principles, and what should be taught in schools, rather than what is taught in schools.

When you're shopping in a supermarket, everything in there has an expiry date - can the same be true of knowledge? Is there a point in time when certain knowledge is much less valuable than it once was, and should be replaced in favour of more relevant knowledge?

This is not to say that knowledge itself expires (although in some cases, that is also true) - Newton's laws of physics are extremely unlikely to be disproven and will always be used in a variety of industries. Instead, I mean that as society progresses, the skills that become most important and valued evolve and change, and so too should the curriculum in education to reflect this.

I'd be interested in any fields of study that you think should exist, and don't currently. Leave a comment below

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