How I'm structuring my personal holding company

As I build out Positive Sum, I'm thinking of it currently in three core categories:

Tech Products

This is the most important category - I've come to find even more over the past 12 months that building and growing technology businesses is what I feel I'm best at, and what I enjoy the most.

I want to push the boundaries of what I feel is achievable with a small team, so I'm currently limiting myself to two tech products that I'm working on - this is already on its own a massive undertaking, as the process of building and launching a product that truly does something new is a time-consuming one. Still, it's been fun to experiment with ways to become more and more efficient in this process.

Cashflowing Businesses

At the moment, this is primarily just my activities in theatre, with my production company Positive Sum Productions. I envisage expanding beyond this to other areas, which are adjacent to the existing tech products that I have in the portfolio.


I haven't spent any time on content thus far, but I intend to increase my footprint with content creation, both here on this blog and on my YouTube channel in the coming months.

I believe that content (and the distribution that comes with it) is one way in which I can forge a competitive advantage for Positive Sum, which will give our new launches an instant channel for distribution which many of our competitors will not have.

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