Announcing InYouGo

Announcing InYouGo

I'm excited to announce InYouGo, the first tech product within my holding company.

Why am I building InYouGo?

Last year, I founded Positive Sum Productions, a live theatre production company. I began investing in theatre productions in London's West End. Theatre has always been a passion for me, but this was the first time that I'd become involved commercially.

Investing soon led to getting more involved, and I ended up partnering with the incredible Lambert Jackson on a number of concerts at the Palladium - Once, and Doctor Zhivago.

It was in conversations with Jamie Lambert and other producers/directors in the West End that the motivation for launching InYouGo came about.

There were a few reasons for this

Data is essential to running a forward-looking company

In tech, it's the norm that companies have a deep understanding of how users are finding and onboarding into their product. Without this, it'd be the equivalent of flying a plane while blind.

In theatre, this data visibility doesn't exist. You can't optimise your marketing/posters based on conversion rates, nor do you have much insight into your audience and their demographics.

And want to reward loyalty, for the most loyal fans of a show? You can't

Knowing your audience

On the topic of loyalty, most producers don't have low friction ways of updating their previous audiences about their new shows.

This would be a win-win for audiences and producers alike.

InYouGo exists to be a fair player in the event ticketing space, by giving theatre producers more control over their own ticketing and event management.

But this doesn't stop with theatre producers. We're excited to build a product that serves event hosts in any category.

Whether you're hosting an online event or an in-person conference or community gathering, we aim for InYouGo to become your preferred platform.

And this is just the beginning of the plans for InYouGo. Over the coming months, we'll launch the core platform, expand functionality and begin Phase 2 of our plan ;)

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